ALTEA: An Italian experiment onboard the International Space Station

29 10 2011

This is the official blog of ALTEA (Anomalous Long Term Effects on Astronauts), an Italian scientific program aimed at the study of the effects of the cosmic radiation on the astronauts during long permanence onboard the International Space Station (ISS), with a particular focus on the Light Flash phenomenon

I will talk about the scientific problem behind this experiment, how it was developed and what my role has been. I will show some scientific results that may be interesting for everyone.

I will try to explain all the scientific facts in a simple way. I would like to have your feedbacks in order to improve the blog quality and to decide what topics to focus on. I definitely need your support.

The ALTEA-Space facility (simply ALTEA hereafter) is the main experiment of the ALTEA program, and it is onboard the ISS since 2006. The experiment is funded by the Italian Space Agency, developed by the University of Rome Tor Vergata and University of Genova and realized by Thales Alenia Space in Milan (ex Laben).

ALTEA is used for manned measurements (CNSM) to study Light Flashes and for unmanned measurements (DOSI) to characterize the radiation environment inside ISS.

Coming soon:

Cosmic rays and human exploration of space