Paolo Nespoli, six months out of this world, talks about ALTEA

25 01 2012

From the website I want to share a public conference during which Paolo Nespoli talks about the period of five months he spent in space onboard the International Space Station. He also describes all the scientific experiments he was involved in during his mission.

At about 12:50 Paolo talks about the ALTEA-Shield experiment he conducted (see ALTEA Shield activity with Paolo Nespoli in 3D and  Paolo Nespoli riattiva l’esperimento italiano ALTEA-Shield, Le immagini della riattivazione di ALTEA on my italian blog). He also describes in the light flash phenomenon:  “This is an experiment because we have a 3D radiation detector that identifies the heavy particles in space which are destroyed or dampened by the atmosphere on Earth, here it doesn’t exist but then here you see that suddenly you feel in space that somebody has taken a photo with a flash and you feel puff!, these are these particles, these are the flashes which take place when one of these radiations go through the eye and through the retina and trigger this reaction”

Enjoy the video!




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